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Included With Your Membership:  Discover How to Get More Customers and Book More Weddings in 2019 With Pinterest and Instagram

Two Courses Included in Your IIW Membership:
Pinterest Marketing & Instagram Marketing

Brides-to-be are obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest. These social media platforms can present some powerful marketing opportunities to attract brides in your area directly to you. Savvy wedding professionals and business owners know how to effectively use these powerful tools for marketing their businesses. Let us show you how to drive more customers to your wedding business through Instagram and Pinterest. We’ll show you how wedding businesses can use these platforms to their full potential, to drive more clients to you than you ever thought possible. The right social media tools can send a flock of bridal consumers your way – if you know what you’re doing. This training will show you how to book more brides and capture more wedding business in 2019 through the power of these two social media platforms.  For a limited time, these two social media marketing courses are being included free with membership.  Take the training, and then apply what you’ve learned to attract more wedding business to you – if you acquire one new customer in the year as a result of what you’ve learned, your membership will have paid for itself many times over (and then some!). So what are you waiting for!







Let Us Help You Get More Wedding Business in 2019
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