Courses & Certification

The International Institute of Weddings currently offers the following courses for career and business development within the wedding industry via in-depth distance education. Additional courses for professional development are scheduled for release in coming months.

Certification Programs

Wedding Planner Certification Course

Wedding Floral Design Certificate Program

Wedding Planner Certification Challenge Program

Through the IIW Challenge program, established wedding planners can earn IIW Certification based on their real world experience in the field, without taking the course.

Advanced Certification Programs

The following advanced certification courses are open to Certified Wedding Planners only. These programs offer an in-depth and advanced level of knowlege and expertise in particular areas of specialty. You must already hold certification as a wedding planner to be eligible for enrollment in advanced certification programs.

Certifed Theme Wedding Planner (CTWP)

Exclusively through The International Institute of Weddings… Become a Certified Theme Wedding Planner™.  Advance your wedding planner career, business, and credentials head and shoulders ahead of your competition; acquire the advanced and highly exclusive training required to become a specialist in planning theme weddings.  As a Certified Theme Wedding Planner you’ll be THE ‘go-to’ person in your local area for couples looking for a wedding planner to assist them in planning their theme wedding. With this advanced credential, you’ll have an impressive competitive advantage over other wedding planners who lack this more advanced and specialized level of training and expertise. You’ll command and control the market for planning theme weddings in your area.  Earn your your exclusive designation and qualification as a Certified Theme Wedding Planner™.

Self Study Training

Wedding Floral Business Course


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