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Get more wedding business and clients.We Help Wedding Businesses Get More Customers

At The Institute of Weddings, a key part of our mission is to help reputable wedding businesses get more leads, customers, and sales.

We move wedding businesses forward in the marketplace, assisting them in developing a competitive edge and growing their business.  If you’re in the wedding business, we’re the organization that will help you become more visible to your target market and close more sales.

Put simply, we specialize in helping wedding businesses get more customers.

The Institute of Weddings has been helping wedding businesses grow and prosper since 1999. Our founders operated successful wedding businesses even before that.  By aligning yourself with The Institute, you tap into over 30 years of solid marketing expertise in the wedding industry.

We help your wedding business be found amidst the competition in the market place, and stand out as the obvious choice for the bridal client. Our mission is to help you grow and expand your business, assisting you in getting more targeted leads, customers, sales and – most importantly, revenue.  As everyone on the wedding industry understands, there are only so many weddings in any given year – we help you get your rightful share of them!

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