Wedding Planner Course – Frequently Asked Questions

IIW Wedding Planner Course & Wedding Planner CertificationFor your convenience, please check to see whether your questions about the Wedding Planner Course have already been answered here before. The answer to your question may be immediately available to you. If you don’t find the answers you need here, we welcome your inquiry and we’ll reply promptly. We thank you for your interest in the course!

Please feel free to Contact Us if you can’t find the answer you need here, or if there is anything else we can do to assist you. It is our pleasure to be of assistance to you. We thank you for your interest in the program!


Can you send me information about the Wedding Planner Course by mail?

For your convenience, full and extensive course details are published right online. We know how excited and eager our visitors are to learn what we have to offer, so with our full course description online, you never have to wait for an info packet to arrive by mail before you can make a decision on whether this is the wedding planner certification course for you. You get instant and immediate access to our full course information online.

Because we provide such detailed course information online, we do not also send out printed course info packets. The International Institute of Weddings™ is proud to be an environmentally conscious company and we prefer to avoid producing excessive paper. In the past when we sent out info by mail, students often told us that they had already decided to take the course before the printed material even arrived – based on the extensive details on our website. Therefore, since most students are very happy to access our full course description online, we now make it available exclusively on the internet – and that saves a lot of trees!

Of course, when you actually enroll in the wedding planner course, all of your training materials and course lessons will be delivered right to your door in printed format (unless you choose our online learning option).  After you register for the course, you will receive a shipment containing our large Wedding Planner Course training manual, which you can study anywhere, anytime, in comfort and convenience, and at any rate of speed which is suitable for you. Read it while curled up in your favorite chair, by the pool, on the bus, when resting in bed, at your desk, in the doctor’s waiting room – or wherever you like! Studying for your new wedding career is so convenient. If you’re like most of our students, you won’t be able to put our information-packed training manual down!

If you have any other questions, or if there is any other way in which we may assist you or help to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

What is the cost of the Wedding Planner Course?

For the current course fee please visit the Course Fee page to ensure you have the most up to date fee information. As you can see, it’s extremely inexpensive as compared to other wedding planner certification program, and yet it provides the most thorough, practical, and effective training available anywhere in the industry either here in the US, Canada, or UK. Since this program was launched nearly two decades ago, we’ve always made it our goal to offer the most extensive, thorough, practical, and effective training program available, while also charging the lowest fee in the industry. We are committed to delivering the absolute maximum value to you, our students. Unlike with other Wedding Planner certification programs, you are not required to pay any membership dues in order to be eligible for our course (membership in the International Institute of Weddings is available strictly at your option, and when you register for the course, you will be eligible to purchase a membership at a dramatically reduced fee). We do not charge for instructor mentoring and assistance, or certification fees; nor do we charge testing fees for either of the two tests required to earn the certificate for the program. There are no hidden fees. Your one payment is the full course cost, with everything included. If you purchase the course on our payment plan, the cost is just slightly more because of the additional shipping, handling, processing and service fees we incur, however, it is still much less expensive than other programs, despite offering so much more.

If you have any other questions, or if there is any other way in which we may assist you or help to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!


How do I register for the Wedding Planner Course?

Please go to the Course Registration page.

You will be able to register conveniently online and remit your course fee instantly by credit card via our secure server. Your privacy and security is completely assured. We use state of the art fraud screening software and encryption software so your transaction and credit card details are entirely secure. No one but you and your bank will ever see your credit card information (not even us) because when you key it in, the information is communicated directly to your bank. We’ve been processing credit card payments for registrations for this program online since 1999 (thousands of them), and have never encountered a single problem thanks to the very advanced privacy protection and security measures we use to protect our online transactions. If you do not have a credit card, it is not possible to register online and you will need to send your registration by mail.

As soon as your registration is processed, your training materials will be on their way to you via either UPS or Express Mail. As a general guideline, you can expect your shipment to be delivered right to your door within about a week to 14 days after registering.

PLEASE NOTE: If your credit card payment is declined for no apparent reason, please let us know – it’s usually something we can resolve for you very quickly. It may simply mean that the communication lines from our system to your bank are extremely busy at the time and therefore your transaction is timing-out before it gets completed (similar to when you are at the check-out in a store and your transaction does not go through the first time your card is swiped). It could also mean that the fraud screening software we use for your protection is being overly sensitive and it is declining your transaction because it isn’t entirely certain that you are really the authorized card holder. This doesn’t happen often, but if it does, we’re usually able to get it easily resolved. Please understand that our fraud protection systems are in place for the benefit of you, the consumer. We want to make certain that no unauthorized person is using your credit card account to purchase from us, so our software is configured to always err on the side of caution if it detects any inconsistencies. Just let us know if this happens, and once we’ve made sure you are who you say you are, your order will be on its way to you!

If you have any other questions, or if there is any other way in which we may assist you or help to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!



Will I receive a certificate upon completing the Wedding Planner Course?

Absolutely. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an attractive certificate issued by The International Institute of Weddings, suitable for framing, complete with the official certification seal of The International Institute of Weddings, which you can proudly display to your clients and business associates. The certificate you earn from this certification program is an important credential. It confirms that you have completed a long established, well-recognized and highly reputed training and certification program, and reassures the people you are doing business with of your qualification. Your certificate shows that you are serious about your career and that you are invested in it. This is important because when clients are considering who to hire to handle the most important day of their lives, they want to see that you are serious and qualified, and that your involvement in wedding consulting isn’t just a passing whim. Your certificate helps provide them with that assurance.

If you have any other questions, or if there is any other way in which we may assist you or help to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!



Will I be “Certified” after completing the course?

Yes indeed. Upon successfully completing the training program, you will be Certified by the International Institute of Weddings, a well respected and long-established professional organization and training institution in the wedding industry for many years. The International Institute of Weddings was founded by internationally recognized wedding expert, Linda Kevich. Unlike other Wedding Planner Certification programs, there is no additional fee for certification.

If you have any other questions, or if there is any other way in which we may assist you or help to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!


Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, in order to make this program easily available to all students, we currently offer a 2-part payment plan, 4-part payment plan, and 12 month payment plan. Please visit our Payment Plans Page.

Two or Four Part Payment Plan: When you purchase the course on the payment plan, you will receive your course materials in 2 or 4 separate shipments, rather than all at one time. This costs a little more in shipping, handling, and administration but is still much less expensive than any other legitimate course in the industry. Of course, if you are able to pay the full fee at one time, it’s preferable to do so because not only will you save the extra shipping and handling costs, you will receive all of the course material at one time, and you will be able to move through the course more quickly, without having your studies interrupted while you wait for the next installment of training material to arrive. If you simply can’t afford the full course fee at one time, the payment plan enables you to get started on your way to your new career now, with no need to wait.

You’ll find the payment breakdown for the Wedding Planner Course Payment Plans Page

12 Part Installment Plan: This extended payment plan enables you to stretch your course fee out over a longer period of time so that you can make small monthly payments. Your training material will be shipped in individual monthly units. This provides a great option to enable you to get started moving toward your wedding planner career now, even if you can’t come up with the full course fee at once. The course does take longer to complete on the extended payment plans, so if you are able to pay for the course in full you will be able to move through it more quickly. However, we do give you the option to pay off the course at any time if you are able on the extended plans, so that you can obtain all of the remaining course lessons at once, and finish as quickly as you like. You’ll find further details and the registration links for these extended payment plans here: Payment Plans.

As you can see, we are very dedicated to providing as much assistance to our students as possible to make the program attainable for them. We give you flexibility and options so that this already very affordably priced course can be tailored to fit any budget. If you want to be a wedding planner, we’re here to help you make it happen!

Keep in mind, however, that the fewer installments you make, the faster you will be able to get through the course and earn your certification. There is also a cost savings when you make fewer payments.

NOTE: If you find that none of these programs suits your needs, please let us know, as we are always interested in what we can do to better serve you. We are here to help you in any way possible.

To purchase the course using one of the payment plan options, please use the links above to be taken to the appropriate payment plan page and you will be billed only for your first installment, as opposed to the full course fee.

Your shipment containing your training materials will be on its way to you as soon as your payment is received and processed. You can expect it to arrive by either UPS or insured Express Mail in about one week to 14 days after you place your order. You’re shipment will contact full contact info to your instructor so that you can contact her anytime, and you will also received a welcome email from her within a short time of registering for the course.

If you have any other questions, or if there is any other way in which we may assist you, or in which we may better meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!



I do not live in the US or Canada; Do you accept international students?

Absolutely! We do accept international students – more than that, we welcome and embrace them. This Wedding Planner Certification program was specifically developed to train wedding planners on an international basis. We’ve been training students in countries all around the world since for close to a decade. This program is the first ever to develop its content with the intent to make it relevant, effective, and applicable on an international basis. Going back nearly two decades, we offered some of the earliest wedding planner training in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Luxembourg and many, many other countries. As our long term track record and history demonstrates, we are among the earliest pioneers in this field, and are recognized as leaders in the international wedding industry.

This course is used to provide training to wedding planners internationally. The International Institute of Weddings™ is dedicated to the provision of the highest quality of training, support, and professional development for wedding professionals on an international basis. We are proud to have students in many countries around the world, including New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Luxembourg, France, Barbados, Cayman Islands, The Philipines, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Brazil, Japan, West Indies, as well as countless others, in addition, of course, to the United States and Canada. All training is done very successfully via distance learning, and all students receive the same level of personalized instruction with a tutor who is assigned to work with them via email. All assignments can be submitted to your instructor via email. Students are able to communicate with their instructor to ask questions, seek guidance, etc. via email anytime they require additional assistance, and we pride ourselves in being extremely responsive to our students. The course was developed to be relevant to students on an international basis. The qualification you receive is internationally recognized. This program is used by students literally throughout the globe. Our focus in developing this course was to ensure that it would be of benefit to students around the world – not just in the US or Canada. We offer ongoing support to all of our students, regardless of their geographic location.

See our International Students page for more information if you reside outside of the USA or Canada.

If you have any other questions, or if there is any other way in which we may assist you or help to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help.


I do not have a credit card; How else can I remit payment of my course fee?

If you don’t have a credit card you can remit your fee for the wedding planner course by mailing a money order or bank draft. We recommend that you send it via insured mail. Personal checks are also accepted, but please take note that it will take longer to process your order if you pay by personal check as we will have to wait for the funds to clear your bank. Full instructions for mailing payment can be found towards the bottom of the wedding consultant course page. Please note that we only accept credit cards online – please do not mail credit card details to us. If you have a credit card the best way to place your order is online – your order will be shipped much faster.

If you have any other questions, or if there is any other way in which we may assist you or help to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help.



Will this program help me to get a job as a wedding planner?

The vast majority of wedding planners are independent and own their own businesses. However, if you actually prefer to work as someone’s employee, you’ll be pleased to know that students of our program have gone on to land their dream jobs as wedding planners for cruise ships, resorts, hotels, reception venues, event planning companies, tourism bureaus, and busy wedding chapels. Upon completing this program, many of our students have immediately received job offers or business proposals for exciting opportunities in the wedding industry. If being someone else’s employee is your goal, having completed this program will be highly advantageous in landing a glamorous job as a wedding planner. It must be emphasized, however, that this program will also provide you with powerful business skills that will fully equip you to establish and operate your own business as a wedding planner, in case you ever opt to do so. The marketing and business training we provide is second to none, and it helps explain why students of this program typically experience such a high success rate in establishing their businesses. Even if you choose to become someone else’s employee upon completing this program, having the business training we provide will give you more flexibility in the future, should you want or need it. As your career grows you may find that you want to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss; the in-depth business training you receive as part of this course will enable you to do that at anytime. Further, we all know that there is no such thing as job security anymore – it doesn’t matter what field you are in, or what position you hold. The powerful business and marketing training you’ll receive through this course will give you confidence in knowing that if ever you find yourself unemployed, you’ll have invaluable business knowledge to fall back on. You’ll always have options in terms of working independently or launching your own business. In today’s market and economy, it’s reassuring to know that you have the ability to start and operate your own business, even if you don’t intend to use that ability at the present time.



Can I Register for the Wedding Planner Course By Phone?

For your own protection and security, we only accept orders online, via our secure server, and are unable to accept credit card information by phone.

Please allow us to explain how this is for your PROTECTION and provides you with a superior level of credit card security:

When you place your order online through our system, your credit card information is 100% encrypted, meaning no person other than yourself is ever able to view your credit card details (account number, expiry date, etc). Your credit card number is kept hidden even from ourselves – we never see it on our end.

This process ensures your credit card details are kept 100% private and secure when you place your order, unlike when you order by telephone — where you are giving your credit card details to a complete stranger.

Our credit card transactions are completely secure. You enter your own credit card details, over a secure server (meaning what you enter becomes encrypted so no one can ever “eavesdrop”). When you enter your credit card details, they are transmitted directly from you to your bank, so no one other than you and your bank ever see your account number.

On our end, we see only the type of card you’ve used (IE: Visa, Mastercard, etc.) your name, address, phone number, etc – none of your account information is viewable to us. We hope you can see how our state of the art system provides you with a highly advanced level of credit card security and protection when you make a purchase with us.

This protection is not possible when you place an order by phone and provide your credit card details to the operator on the other end of the line — who could then easily record them and mis-use them if they were so inclined.

This system provides you, the customer, with the peace of mind in knowing that your credit card details can never been accessed and mis-used by a third party. We also use online fraud-screening software which has methods of ensuring that only the person who is the authorized card holder is entering the credit card information – not someone who is inappropriately using another person’s credit card information to make a purchase.

Our server is 100% secure and encrypted, meaning that our software makes it entirely impossible for anyone behind the scenes to view information you are entering.

Compare this to when you make a purchase in a restaurant, or at a full service gas station, where the server or attendant walks away with your card to process the transaction. Or as mentioned earlier, when you are placing a phone order. You are giving your credit card details to a complete stranger who can then easily write them down and use them for their own purposes.

As you can see, our method of processing your payment is as secure as it gets.

We have been processing thousands of online transactions every year, safely and securely since 1999 and have never had never had a single security problem.

We hope this helps to reassure you that your online transaction with us is not only 100% safe, it is actually much more secure than placing an order by phone.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.


I have questions to ask before enrolling in the course, may I contact you by phone?

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to enrolling, however, like many other large online companies (including,,, and Facebook), our offices are streamlined towards email as our primary method of communication for efficiency purposes. Please feel free to contact us by email with any questions you may have and you can be assured of a prompt and very detailed reply from one of our friendly and helpful representatives.


How are communications handled during the course?

As stated in the detailed course information and description as published on our website, all communication during the course is handled by email. You receive full online support. Your instructor is just an email away any time you have questions, or require additional advice or guidance. Our administration staff is also always available to assist you via email if you require additional support or assistance.

The fact that this course is structured for all communications to be handled in writing (ie: via email) has important reasons behind it. Unlike telephone communications, email communications provide a permanent written record of everything that is discussed, and this helps to eliminate the possibility of misunderstandings or confusion which often can occur during verbal conversations. Email correspondence also gives you the opportunity to go back and review answers to questions you have asked, or advice you have been given at any point in the future if you need to refresh your memory. It’s a widely recognized fact that people more easily retain what they read than what they hear. Important details that may be lost in quickly moving verbal conversations are more likely to be retained when you have the opportunity to read them in an email discussion. Email communication helps ensure clarity. You always have something to look back on for clarification when it is all presented in writing. Individuals and companies who stand behind what they say aren’t afraid to say it in written form. Our company places high emphasis on integrity and that is why it is our policy for all our communications with you to be in writing. Its obvious how this is in the best interests of our customers and students.

As a future wedding planner, you will want to make it your own habit to conduct as much of your communications as possible in written or email format for this same reason. Clarity, attention to detail, and accuracy are critically important when handling communications pertaining to your client’s weddings, and written communications are the best way to ensure that these standards are met to avoid potentially problematic misunderstandings when handling the details of the most important day of your client’s lives. Establishing this practice during the course will help you develop the habit when running your own business!


Is it necessary for me to travel to attend a seminar to take this course?

Our extensive course training materials and lessons are designed to be studied at home entirely at one’s own pace. It is the goal of The International Institute of Weddings to put this type of training within reach for any individual who has the desire to better themselves through it. Courses which require attendance at a seminar are often unattainable to many individuals who may be unable to travel to a seminar due to family obligations, employment obligations, financial limitations, or a variety of other reasons. The Institute of Weddings believes that it is not appropriate to exclude individuals from the ability to learn for such a reason. In the experience of the developers of this program, attending a seminar does not necessitate a better quality of learning experience. The course material has been carefully developed with the home-study situation in mind in order to ensure a quality of learning as high, if not higher than many courses in which travel to attend a seminar is mandated. Further, every student of this program is assigned an instructor who works with them, as long as they remain in good standing*, in order to ensure the highest quality of learning experience. The level of one-on-one, individualized, personal instruction each student receives is superior to that which is possible in most seminar or classroom environments. In fact, the instructor interaction we provide at no additional charge to every student in good standing can very much be likened to the services of a personal business ‘coach’, and often goes well beyond the typical instructor- student relationship.


Other courses on this topic cost $750 to well in excess of $1000. Is the International Institute of Weddings course equally as thorough?

Yes. In fact, the depth, level, and quality of information, as well as the detail in which we teach about this business, in some cases far surpasses that offered in courses which are much higher priced. At The International Institute of Weddings, our philosophy is to assist individuals in pursuing their professional goals and dreams within the wedding industry at a reasonable and realistic cost which is easily affordable to individuals of even the most modest means. Being able to enjoy the pride of business ownership while doing what one loves can be a life enriching experience in a wide variety of ways. Denying individuals that benefit due to cost is to deny them of the opportunity to change and better their lives, or to live a higher quality of life. The Institute of Weddings is committed to leading people with aspirations and dreams to a more fulfilling and rewarding place in their lives, through the sharing of expert information, experience, and knowledge. As such, we price our courses as low as realistically possible, our focus being placed on providing the greatest possible learning experience, in place of turning the greatest possible profit. Further, we have had several students who have been certified through other more costly programs and who subsequently turned to our course for further training because they simply did not feel that they had been properly prepared and equipped to begin operations through the previous training they had received. Based on the reputation of The International Institute of Weddings, they felt confident that this program would successfully launch their new careers – and indeed it has!


How is The Institute of Weddings able to offer such low prices on this course?

Plainly put, we simply take less profit than others who are charging significantly more. This is in no way a criticism of those who assign a higher price to this type of training information. Indeed this information does have a very high value, and almost always, those who are now providing it to others have first acquired it at a very significant cost. Particularly considering the value of years of experience, knowledge and expertise, as well as the financial cost of training and education paid by many of the experienced professionals & experts who offer such courses, one may see that the value of the information offered in courses such as ours is great indeed. These individuals and companies are certainly well justified in charging the rates which they do. We simply operate by a different philosophy, and strive to set our pricing so that our program is not financially unattainable for any individual with a genuine love of weddings and the firm desire and commitment to make them a career. As such, we charge you only for the course manual, and provide the personalized interaction of an instructor and eligibility for certification free of charge to all students in good standing*.


What if I have questions while going through the course?

The Institute of Weddings assigns an instructor, free of charge, to every student in good standing in order to assist them through the study process, answer questions, and clarify any possible trouble spots. Your instructor will work with you to identify any areas of weakness in your business concept or approach in order to ensure the highest possible likelihood of success. At every point throughout your studies, your instructor is an email away, on hand to assist you. This level of personalized instruction and in-depth training is simply not heard of elsewhere in the industry at such an affordable price point.


How long do I have to complete the Wedding Planner Course?

The course contains very thorough and extensive material, and it is designed to literally lead you through the start-up stages of establishing your wedding planner business or career while you study. Because of its in-depth nature, most students find that it takes between 3 and 6 months to fully complete the program. This time frame, however, is not based on full-time study, since most of our students have other commitments which would make it difficult for them to undertake full-time study. If you are able to devote all of your time to your studies, it is possible to complete the course more quickly. It is important to note that we do not severely restrict the length of time a student may have to take to complete the program, but rather, we allow students to study at a pace which is comfortable for them, and which is compatible with their current schedules and existing commitments. We understand that most of our students are either presently employed full time, involved in other full time studies, or may already be running businesses in the wedding industry, and we have structured the course to accommodate these realities. We do not believe that causing a student to feel pressured or rushed is conducive to providing a quality learning experience, particularly when the learning material is as extensive as that which is contained in this program. We want our students to truly experience enlightenment through our program, so that when they complete it, they know precisely how to go about launching their careers as professional wedding consultants, and are fully equipped with the tools necessary to accomplish that. We therefore prefer that our students take the time they require to completely focus on the concepts taught, and to fully absorb the material, rather than turning this into a “speed reading” assignment! Keep in mind that because of the way the program is structured, you will actually be performing many of the tasks involved in getting your career started while benefiting from the guidance of your instructor, as you study – that’s all part of the highly practical approach used in this program. The result of this approach is that immediately upon completion of the course, you are ready to begin operations as a professional wedding consultant – unless, for some reason, you would prefer otherwise. This is why the consultants we train experience a particularly high success rate in actually establishing their businesses within a very short time of completing the course! Note: Though it is rarely required, students are allowed up to one full year to complete the program and submit all course work. In the event that circumstances should ever necessitate a student to require an extension beyond this time frame – for example, in the event of illness, acts of war, acts of God, etc. – the instructor shall consider any request made in writing, and which she deems to be valid.

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