Wedding Planner Certification Exam

Wedding Planner certification Challenge Exam
The fee for the certification exam is included in the Wedding Planner Certification Program. However, wedding planners who have not taken the IIW Wedding Planner Course but wish to apply for IIW certification, based on real world knowledge and experience, are eligible to do so.

Your credentials are important to clients. Credentials elevate your credibility and heighten the sense of trust the bridal consumer has towards you. Certification from The International Institute of Weddings helps set you apart from your competition and increases the prospective client’s perception that you are serious about your profession.

Our certification exam is open to any established wedding planner who has been working in the field for a minimum of 6 months. You will be assessed on your real world work experience.

This is a smart career move for wedding planners who have not completed a certification program but are actively working in the field, or for graduates of other certification programs who would like to earn an additional credential to further enhance their professional qualifications.

Once you have completed the certification process and been awarded certification, your clients. prospective clients, and vendors will be able to use the IIW website to verify the authenticity of your certification credential.

The cost to take the certification exam is $197.

You will have 8 weeks to prepare and submit all the required materials for certification.

To request an invitation to apply, or if you have questions about the process, please contact us via our contact form.

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