Wedding Floral Business – Course Outline

“Thank you for this course! I’ve been dabbling in floral design for years, but finally decided to do this as a business. Your course taught me so many things I never knew! Without this course, I now realize I would have been lost. It has made the world of difference in giving me the confidence to get my floral design service off the ground. Finally I’m going after my dream, just in time to stay home with my baby daughter:) Thank you IIW! So glad to have found you!  ~ Wendy C..  Washington, DC

How to Start and Operate a Wedding Floral Business
Course Outline

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I. Introduction

The Place of Flowers In Weddings

History of the Bridal Bouquet

The Role of the Wedding Floral Designer

Weddings By Month

Floral Design Business

II. Design

Designing with Silk Flowers

The Correct Terminology

Silks vs. Real: The Benefits To The Bride

Flower Types

Popular Flowers For Weddings

Types of Lilies Commonly Used for Weddings

Types of Orchids Commonly Used for Weddings

Incorporating the Language & Meaning of Flowers Into Your Wedding Floral Design

The Language of Flowers

The Meanings of Flowers

Your Personal Design Style

Design to Surprise

Styles of Bouquets

Cascading Style

Colonial Style


Tussie Mussie

Arm Bouquet

Crescent Shaped


The Rules of Color for Wedding Bouquets

The Most Traditional

Second Most Traditional

Bouquets With Special Features

Relating the Flowers to One Another

Floral Design

Size of the Bridal Bouquet

Bouquet Alternatives for Bridesmaids

Designing for the Flower Girl

Attendants Baskets



Mothers Corsages

Other Corsages

How Corsages Should Be Worn

Corsage Alternatives

The “Tossing” or “Throwaway Bouquet”

Ceremony Flowers

Harmony Between Ceremony Site and Style of Floral Arrangements

Chuppahs and Archways

Church Rules Regarding Floral Arrangements

Outdoor Weddings

Reception Flowers

Color As It Relates To Silk Florals

Rental Items Offered by the Wedding Floral Designer

Policies Regarding Rental Items

Rental Agreement

Floral Design Business

III. The Business

Start-up Considerations

Creating the New Business

The Legal Business Entity




Tax Implications

Business Operations

Book Keeping & Accounting

The Business License

Zoning Requirements

The Business Telephone Line

The Business Concept

Market Analysis & Market Research

Your Identity

The Business Name


Marketing Principals for the Home Based Wedding Florist

Advertising, Marketing and Promotion

The Importance of Marketing For the Homebased Floral Designer

Acquiring Customers

Target Marketing

21 Most Powerful Methods of Promotion For the Home Based Wedding Floral Specialist

Wedding Floral Design Business

Designing Your Ads & Promotional Materials

Measuring Effectiveness of Ads and Promotions

By Appointment Only

Business Hours

Wholesale Buying

Locating Wholesale Suppliers

Becoming a Qualified Wholesale Purchaser



Package Pricing

Professional Presentation

Your Telephone Personality

The Consultation

The Appearance of the Office/Studio

Your Appearance As A Professional

The Way In Which You Conduct Yourself

The Special, Extra Touches

How to Conduct the Consultation

Helping the Bride Decide

Questions to Ask the Bride When Determining the Types of Flowers

Interpreting the Bride’s Magazine Clippings or Photos

Suitability of Bouquet to Wedding Gown Style

Floral Business

The Bride’s Decision Process: Seven Factors Which Will Determine Whether You

Will Win the Bride’s Business

The ‘Consultation Fee’

Taking the Order

The Art of The Up-Sell

Tracking Your Customers

Collecting Payment

When to ask for payment

How Much?

The Deposit

The Balance Due

Method of Payment

Accepting Credit Cards

Service Fees

Assembling a Portfolio

Ongoing Market Research

IV. Conclusion

wedding floral design

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Course Description

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