Wedding & Event Planner Certification for Venues

Want to Increase Bookings and Revenue for Your Wedding  Venue This Year?
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Increase Wedding Venue Business with Wedding and Event Planner Certification

Increase Your Wedding Venue Business in 2017 with

The Institute of Weddings
Wedding & Event Planner Program for Venues

If you want to attract more weddings and events to your venue, having a solid competitive advantage is the obvious answer so that you have a way to stand out among the competition when compared to other venue options.

The Institute of Weddings gives you an obvious way to stand out with a clear-cut advantage to bring more wedding and event business to your venue.

Our Wedding and Event Planner Program for Venues not only gives you a clear-cut incentive to offer brides and other event clients to book your venue, it also provides you with a complete, turn-key step by step system for adding a new revenue stream to your existing venue business.

  • Book more weddings and events
  • Give brides a clear incentive to book your venue, not your competitor’s
  • Offer an increased level of service
  • Give your venue the competitive edge
  • Create a new revenue stream for your venue
  • Increase the total revenue value of every event booking
  • Increase Your Event Venue Bookings!


How It Works

Certified Wedding and Event Planning for Venues

When you register your venue in the program, we’ll put you and your venue staff through The Institute’s in-depth training and certification program for wedding and event planners (up to 5 members of your organization).

Upon completion of the training, which is all conveniently done online at a time of each participant’s convenience, your venue and staff will be certified by The International Institute of Weddings.  From that point on, you can promote the fact that your venue offers Certified Wedding and Event Planners to assist clients with executing impeccable events.


Indepth training for you and your staff

C\ertification – a powerful crednetial and competitive advantage for your venue

A sep by step business system for increading reenue

Wedding and Event Planner Certification for Venues