Online Marketing for Wedding Businesses

The Institute of Weddings has been helping wedding businesses grow and proper since 1999. Our founders operated successful wedding businesses even before that.  By aligning yourself with The Institute, you tap into over 30 years of solid expertise in the wedding industry

We help your wedding business be found amidst the competition in the market place, and stand out as the obvious choice for the bridal client. Our mission is to help you grow and expand your business, assisting you in getting more targeted leads, customers, sales and – most importantly, revenue.  As everyone on the wedding industry understands, there are only so many weddings in any given year – we help you get your rightful share of them!

We do this in a number of different ways, from affordable business support services that are custom-tailored to the wedding industry; to ongoing business & marketing training and coaching provided regularly to members; to specialized advertising and promotional opportunities to help you reach more brides, book more clients, and make more sales.

We’re always available to help our members (and non-members too!).  Contact us anytime to let us know the issues you are facing in your business and we’ll guide you through the process of getting to where you’re trying to go in the wedding industry!

Better Google Rankings for Your Local Wedding Business

Note:  We can accept only one business per category per city for this service, as we do not want our clients competing against each other for search positions. Clients accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Its a widely recognized statistic that 85% of all consumers today search online (and that typically means a Google search) to find the products and services they need.  If there is one industry where that percentage may be even higher, its the wedding industry.  Since engaged couples tend to be younger in age than the population at large, they are even more tech savvy than the average consumer, doing almost everything online and via their mobile phones.  We all know brides today rely heavily on the internet when planning their weddings.

And that means when it comes to looking for local wedding vendors, venues, product and service providers,  and merchants for they’re wedding needs, its off to Google they go!

If you operate a local wedding business, its more important than ever before to have good visibility on Google. A Good ranking on Google is the most cost effective source of customers and revenue for any wedding business. But it’s also getting more and more difficult to get ranked on page 1 of Google, as Google continues to tweak its ranking factors, making the entire local ranking process considerably more complex than it has been in the past.

Most local businesses who make it to page 1 of Google, or into the coveted and important “snack pack” (the three showcased results displayed below the map near the top of the page), didn’t get there all on their own – because its a hard thing to do, and there are many other businesses competing for those few spots. It takes a keen understanding and a high level of search optimization specialization to work through all the different layers of ranking factors to get a local business page 1 visibility on Google, and in the prized “snack pack” (but if you can get there, you’ll have more customers coming through your door than ever before).  That typically means hiring specialists who can do that for you.  But its worth every penny of the investment because the increase in business, customers, sales and revenue you will experience by moving forward in the Google search result far exceeds what you will spend to get there – especially if you can get onto page 1, and even more so if you make it into the “snack pack”  .

Its a widely known fact that the bulk of the business for any given search term goes to the businesses that are on page 1 of Google for that search term.  Statistics show that many customers don’t even make it to page 2 of the search results (they click off to the businesses they find on page 1 and often don’t return to the search results).  Even fewer customers will go on to page 3, and if you are on page 4, you are getting a mere fraction of the available search traffic (approximately 3% or less).  Anything beyond that, and the amount of traffic you are receiving is negligible. Some die-hard brides will comb more deeply through the search results, but they are few and far between.  So the bottom line is, if you want to see your sales and revenue increase this year, you need to move forward in the Google rankings, ideally making it on to page 1, or even better yet, the “snack pack” if possible.  Its just that simple.

But of course, that’s much easier said than done, as you probably know.  Well, until now that is.

The Institute of Weddings can help. We are pleased to introduce a new service, offered exclusively to local wedding businesses, that can move your wedding business forward in the Google search results using 100% Google compliant, completely “white hat” ranking optimization methods.  And we offer this service at a fee much lower than you are probably anticipating.

After  repeatedly hearing the increasing frustration of more and more wedding businesses owners over the last couple years regarding how much harder it has become to be found on page 1 of Google, we made it our mission to put together a team of highly skilled, very reputable search specialists to assist our members and other wedding business owners with improving their local Google rankings. We offer this service only for wedding-related business – if you are not a wedding-related business we are unable to assist, because our team specifically specializes in improving rankings for wedding businesses. That’s what makes them so incredibly good at what they do. By focusing on the wedding niche, and only the wedding niche, our team are experts and specialists excel at improving the Google rank of  wedding related businesses.

What Does It Cost?

You may have looked at the prices for search engine optimization from Digital Marketing agencies in the past and found the pricing to be cost prohibitive. If that’s the case, you are no doubt expecting our fees to be higher than you feel you can afford. We think you’ll be very pleased to know that our fee to improve your local Google rankings and visibility is just $249 per month (limited time introductory pricing).  Wedding businesses who enroll in the service at this low introductory fee can lock in this rate for as long as they continue with the service, even if the fee increases*.  Its important to understand how many additional leads, customers, and sales ranking on page 1 of Google can mean to a business. Consider how much a typical customer is worth to you. Would five, ten, or fifteen additional clients or even strong leads in the month be worth spending the $249 to acquire them? Calculate how much five, ten or fifteen additional clients or targeted leads are worth to you in revenue. Most viable businesses find that $249 a month to move to page 1 of Google is the best advertising and promotional money they have ever spent. Remember, getting your business to page 1 of Google for relevant search terms puts you in front of highly targeted customers who are actively searching for what you offer, precisely at the moment that they are ready to buy.  There is no other advertising or promotional method that comes to close to the cost effectiveness of being on page 1 of Google.

No Set Up Fee

When you sign up with a digital marketing agency there is typically a set-up fee, which can often be quite steep. You’ll be pleased to know that The Institute of Weddings does not charge any set-up or sign up fees for the Local Google Ranking Boost service we offer. We are not a digital marketing agency – The Institute of Weddings is an organization dedicated to advancing the success of wedding businesses in the marketing place. Established since 1999, we’ve been helping wedding businesses, launch, grow, and succeed for nearly 20 years through our training programs, courses, certification programs, business coaching, consulting and mentoring, and ongoing business development and support services.  Because we are not a digital marketing agency, we don’t operate like a digital marketing agency. So no need to worry about costly set up fees that drive up your costs.

No Contracts

Typically digital marketing agencies who offer search engine optimization or ranking services require you to commit to a lengthy contract. Again, as mentioned above, we’re not a digital marketing agency – we are an organization dedicated to helping wedding businesses grow and prosper, as we have been doing for the last 18 years – so we don’t operate like a digital marketing agency, because that’s not what we are.  We have no desire to lock you into a contract you don’t want to be in.  Try the service, month to month, and see what it does for your business.  If you like the increase in leads, sales, customers and revenue that you are getting (and we know you will), you’ll probably want to continue the service in order to maintain those rankings and the increase in business month after month.  The results speak for themselves so we have no need or desire to lock you into a contract. If you reach the point where you feel you are getting more business than you can handle, you can stop the service at any time. We’re here to support you, not force you into anything.

What Happens To My Rankings If I Stop The Service?

We have no desire or ability to take away the rankings we earn for you if you stop the service. We don’t use private blog networks or anything of that nature to manipulate search rankings (Google penalizes sites that do that), so we couldn’t take away your rankings even if we tried (which we would never do!).  However, Google themselves will tell you that maintaining strong search engine rankings is an ongoing process. Google likes to see businesses and sites that are consistently sending out strong signals of activity, and that’s what we build for you.  If you stop the service, you’re rankings are not likely to drop over night, but if you have competitors who are actively sending out stronger signals for Google to pick up than you are (which is likely to be the case if you stop working on your rankings), chances are they will start to surpass you in the search results.  So if you find that you are getting more customers and sales each month as a result of our service, and you’re generating good additional revenue thanks to the service, you’ll probably not want to stop doing what’s working for you!  But, of course, you are absolutely free to stop at any time. Best advice is to try it and see what it does for you.  The fee is so low that most viable businesses find that its well worth trying.  Decide if you want to continue from there – no pressure, and no strings attached.

How Long Til I See Results?

There are many different factors which determine how soon you can expect results; no two websites are the same, and Google takes into account a wide array of factors when they rank websites.  It is possible to see some definite sign of movement in the search engines in less than 30 days, but more often it takes about 60 days with this service. Google seems to update local rankings a little more slowly than national rankings, so its all in Google’s hands. But its reasonable to expect to see improvements in as little as 14 days, or up to 60 days.

Do You Need Access to My Website to Improve My Google Rankings?

Not with this particular service. Search engine optimization for your website can be done in a multitude of different ways, and there are two components to the process – on-page optimization (meaning actually making changes to your website) and off-page optimization (meaning things that go on elsewhere on the internet that are related to your website and how it ranks). Our Google Ranking Boost service focuses on off-page optimization factors, many of which few people are even aware of, but which Google places a high importance on. We work on improving your online reputation in various locations around the net, which sends powerful “trust signals” to Google about your website, and those “trust signals” work to push your website up higher through the rankings.

Is this a Link Building Service?

No, it is a “trust building” or “reputation building” service. We are not building links with this particular service, although you will earn some links through the process. If you have been told in the past that you need more links (every business or website can certainly benefit from high quality, “white hat” links), our team is certainly skilled at effective link building within the wedding industry, and we can help you with that upon request as well. We will likely introduce an affordable white-hat link building service for wedding businesses at some point in the future.  However, at this time, we feel that the service we are offering delivers the best bang for the buck for any local wedding business wanting a boost in the Google search results, and the method we use also offers a very good shot at getting you into the snack pack, which can literally be the best thing to ever happen to your business, so that’s why we love this particular approach that focusing on building trust and reputation in the eyes of Google.  Our team is very skilled in all aspects of search engine optimization, however, so if you feel there is something else you need, whether it falls under the realm of on-page or off-page SEO, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you, offer our advice and suggestions for what we can do to help you.

Its 100% Google Compliant Right?

Of course! But its great that you know to ask that question and be careful.  There are certainly many companies that use unscrupulous methods that may get their clients a temporary boost in rankings, almost always followed by a serious penalty (Black-listed from Google search results).  And most will tell you that what they do is 100% Google Compliant, so in some ways, its almost pointless to ask (since the bad guys won’t tell you the truth).

To some extent you need to follow your gut feeling and use common sense in evaluating who you can trust.

The Institute of Weddings has been in business for 18 years, helping wedding businesses become established, grow, expand and succeed. We would never offer a service which could harm the wedding businesses who depend on us for guidance and assistance.  If that were the way we did business, we wouldn’t still be here after nearly 20 years.

The Institute of Weddings is about so much more than just helping your business rank better in the search results – we offer business training and certification for wedding professionals (such as our well respected and highly regarded Wedding Planner Certification Program or our Wedding Floral Design Certificate program). We offer business development courses on how to grow your business (such as how to use social media to grow your business, as just one example). We offer membership in our professional association, and so much more to help wedding businesses succeed. As much as possible, we try to cover all bases for you in terms of helping your wedding business grow and prosper.

The Google Ranking Boost service is just another part of that.  We saw a real need, and we set out to fill it. Its a new service we are offering in response to the many repeated requests for help over the last couple of years from the wedding businesses we work with.  In 2015, Google made some rather significant changes in the way they rank local sites, making it harder and harder for the typical small business to get good visibility on page 1 of Google. That’s a rather involved story, and we won’t bore you with all the technical details (although we’d be happy to explain them to you if you ask), but the point is, after repeated requests, we knew we wanted to be able to offer wedding businesses the opportunity to get a leg up in the search results after these changes were implemented. We have the resources to bring on a team of reputable search engine ranking specialists who understand the wedding market extremely well, and so we did this in response to the frustration we were seeing in our members and other wedding businesses with regard to their struggles to gain visibility in local search. Buy accessing our own team of ranking specialists, you get access to a service that would probably be cost prohibitive to you if you went to a digital marketing agency for this kind of work. And even at that, you wouldn’t get a team that focuses on the wedding industry exclusively. So this is truly a unique, one of a kind, highly specialized service.

Do You Guarantee Page 1 Results?

Our Google Ranking Boost Service is extremely effective at propelling most businesses to page 1 of Google. However no reputable company can ever guarantee page 1 results (not if they are being honest), and Google will be the first to tell you that – they have said many times over to be very wary of any company that makes that guarantee? Why? Because even Google themselves can not guarantee where any particular site will rank. However, certain methods produce very predictable results, and that’s the whole premise of good search engine optimization. So while Google will tell you no one can guarantee page 1 results, they will also tell you that by following best practices for ranking, you can greatly increase the probability of landing on page 1, and that’s exactly what we do for you.  If you have used “black hat” methods to try to rank your website in the past, or if you have incurred penalties for improper search engine ranking methods, do let us know, because our team of search ranking specialists can work with you to clean up your ranking signals and reverse any penalties you may have incurred from using improper practices in the past.

The Technical Stuff

Our Google Ranking Boost Service utilizes an intensely thought out and effective ranking approach. Where 99% of Local SEO services fail, our team excels. Our decisions are data backed, based on the crawling of 100s of 1000s of top ranking Google+ Local pages to determine what drives local wedding businesses to the top positions. If it doesn’t directly impact rankings, we don’t do it.  For those of you who are more technically inclined when it comes to website ranking, here are more details. And for those of you who really have no idea what this means, don’t worry, that’s what our ranking team is here for – to take care of all of this for you so you don’t need to worry about it 🙂

  • Data Backed: Based on 1000s of hours of testing & 3 years of campaigns.
  • Custom Campaigns: Thoughtful, customized, non-templated campaigns. We build uniquely for your needs, your particular niche within the wedding industry (Boutique, photographer, wedding planner, venue, etc), and city. No campaign is ever the same.
  • Clear Reporting: thorough, transparent reporting delivered to you each month so you can track all of the details of your progress.
  • Everything we build to elevate your online authority is yours – if you stop using the service, we do not remove or undo any of our work to cause you to lose your rankings, as some digital agencies do.
  • Citation Audit:  Without this crucial step (that most agencies or SEOs skip), you’d be throwing money down the drain. Before we begin your campaign we do a full citation audit and let you know of any inaccurate business citations we have found for your business that could be impeding your rankings and which you should correct to achieve top rankings.  If you don’t know what this means, we’ll explain it to you if we find anything, and we’ll provide you with easy instructions on correcting any inaccurate information in existing citations for your business (if applicable).
  • Robust, valuable citations, show Google you mean business. No thin, spammy link building.
  • Durable, timeless local ranking strategy.
  • Syncs up perfectly with any white-hat organic link building strategy you may be currently using, or which you may choose to use in the future.


As mentioned, the process we use is very labor intensive and involved (which is why it is very effective), and it takes Google some time to start picking up on all the new ranking and trust signals we build for your business. So if you want to start seeing a boost in your Google rank anytime soon, its time to get started is now.  The longer you wait, the longer it will be before you achieve better rankings, more leads, customers, sales and revenue. Worse yet, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that one of your competitors will start using our service or something similar, entrenching themselves firmly in those coveted top positions, which will make it much harder for you to rank. We’ve very purposely made sure to price the service so its affordable enough for any serious business to give it a try.  At just $249 for the first month (and very month you choose to continue with the service thereafter), you’ve got very little to lose. You’ll never know how many more leads, customers, sales and revenue this small investment may be worth to you unless you try, so if you want better visibility in Google, and a flood of more leads, customers, and sales, there is no time like the present to give it a go!

How to Proceed

Getting started with the service is easy.  Simply purchase your Google Ranking Boost package by clicking the button below and one of our super-helpful and always friendly account managers will contact you within  24 hours (not including weekends or holidays) from the time you place your order to obtain some basic information from you: (1) the primary search term you want to rank for, this is usually your business category and your city – for example, “Denver wedding photographer” (2) your website address (3) any other relevant details as deemed necessary depending on the term you are wanting to rank for.  (4) If you have any photos of your work, products, services, or your place of business, please pre-select 5 of your favorite photos which you will supply to your account rep when they contact you; these are used to create rich media citations for your business, a little known strategy which Google is now placing additional emphasis on when ranking local businesses.  (As you can see, our ranking team has truly thought out all the angles to ensure the best, most cutting-edge strategies are used to proper you up the search results).

Note:  We will accept only one business per business category per city to promote through this service, as we do not want our clients competing against each other for search positions. Clients accepted on a first come, first served basis. Order now before one of your competitors claims your spot in the search results!

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*Lock in the fee now and avoid any price increases for the next 6 months.