Floral Design Course – Student Testimonials

“It was great to hear my results from the project and portfolio. The project was challenging but still lot’s of fun! I’m so happy I did this course. Currently I’m working for a textile company, but I would like to start my own wedding flower business in the future. For me, completing this program is the first step to make my dream come true. It was really nice that I could find this program and learn so many things. Thank you so much!”

~ Satomi Y., Fukui JAPAN

The certification for this Wedding Floral Design program was something I really wanted to have to be able to let brides know that I am a certified Wedding Floral Designer. Having credentials and qualifications is a huge advantage. You have been a wonderful and helpful instructor to work with and I look forward to working with you even more in the future as you develop more courses that I can take. I’ve learned so much. I’ll send the photos from my niece’s wedding. I can tell you that what I learned during the course was a definite help! Thanks again.”

~ Pam K., Enterprise, Mississippi

“I’m so glad I took this course. I’ve always enjoyed arranging flowers as an amateur, but now that I know all the proper techniques, my designs are so much more professional looking, and I’m able to design so many more types of designs that I never had any idea how to do in the past.  I see now that I was doing some things completely wrong as a self-taught floral designer, and my designs really look much better now.  I’m doing floral design for weddings sort of as a side business /hobby business now, and its so much fun. I’m really enjoying it and not to mention the extra income I earn on when I do the flowers on a wedding is fabulous (even with the really low competitive prices I put on my services to attract customers!). Its going well and I may start looking at approaching the business angle more seriously soon… I see a lot of potential there. I will be ordered the Wedding Floral Business Training Manual in the next couple days. I am also considering registering for your Wedding Planner Certification course. I’ve heard so many great things about it. Thanks so much for all that you provide. You guys have been great!”

~ Antoinette Atouro, Vancouver, Canada

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