Certified Wedding Venue Coordinator Training

Give Your Venue a Powerful Competitive Advantage This Wedding Season

IIW Wedding Planner Course & Wedding Planner Certification

Provide your wedding clients the benefit of an on site IIW Certified Wedding Planner when they book your venue.

Could your wedding venue use more wedding bookings and increased revenue?

To maximize your wedding revenues, you need to do one, or all, of three things: bring more prospects through the door, close more sales (book more weddings), and get couples to spend more once they decide on your venue for their wedding.

Our Certified Wedding Coordinator Training program for venues can help you do all of that – and more.

Increasing the perceived value of what you offer, attracting more brides and bookings, and mastering the upsell can help you improve your gross revenues and profits per customer.

Having a trained and certified Wedding Venue Coordinator on your team gives you a competitive edge to book more weddings.  A properly trained and qualified wedding coordinator for your venue can help give couples the wedding experience they are seeking by offering extra service and expertise. That same IIW certified wedding coordinator can also help drive the extra revenue you are seeking through the specialized sales training we include in the certification program to enable your venue’s wedding coordinator to sell more weddings. We train wedding venue coordinators how to focus on the business of weddings (because that is what you need), as well as the “sparkly bits” (because that is what the bride needs).

The more you can do for today’s bride, the more sales you can generate.

This course will cover everything a venue wedding coordinator needs to know – from working with couples to managing wedding details to closing more sales and booking more weddings.

There is a reason why the Marriot Hotel chain made the decision to offer certified wedding planners at every one of their reception venues world-wide. 

When a large, leader in the industry sees fit to implement such a strategy in an effort to expand its share of the wedding market, other venue owners should be watching closely and taking a cue that there is a benefit to be had in following a similar path.

According to Marriott International, Inc., offering the services of an onsite certified wedding planner at all of their venues has “greatly expanded the wedding market for the company”.  We can help you do the same for your venue with The Institute of Weddings On-Site Wedding Planner Certification program.

Anyone involved the wedding industry knows that weddings are big business and there’s money in weddings.

With the average couple today spending over $30,000 on their wedding day, and a tendency to view one’s wedding as the single most important event of their lives, weddings are a lucrative sector for any reception venue.  But its also a highly competitive sector.

In order to stand out among your competitors as the obvious choice for the couple’s wedding reception, you need a powerful competitive edge – something that sets you apart as being superior.

That’s what The Institute of Weddings On-Site Wedding Coordinator Certification can provide for you. Certification  shows your prospective client – the engaged couple – that weddings are a focus, speciality and priority for your venue.

As the single most important day in their lives, couples are often willing to spend more extravagantly on their wedding than they otherwise would as everyday consumers.  This is great for businesses that operate within the wedding industry.  The trouble is that there are only so many weddings that take place in any given year.

To ensure that your venue gets its share of those weddings, a competitive edge is required.  You need to standout among your competitors as the obvious choice for the bride and groom.

Offering the services of a Certified On-Site Wedding Coordinator is a powerful way for your reception venue to gain the competitive advantage in your local market.

Having a Certified Wedding Coordinator on-site should be a key strategy for any venue selling weddings.  Having your own in-house Certified Wedding Coordinator increases your perceived value in the bride’s eyes.  All other things being equal, when it comes time for the bride to choose between your venue and that of your competitor, your provision of a Certified On-Site Wedding Coordinator can be the deciding factor that wins the business for your venue.

It is a value-add that many couples will place considerable weight on.

Certified Theme Wedding Planner course

The Institute of Weddings Certified Venue Wedding Planner Program Gives Your Venue the Edge.

There is a reason why the Marriot Hotel chain made the decision to offer certified wedding planners at every one of their reception venues world-wide.  When a large, leader in the industry sees fit to implement such a strategy in an effort to expand its share of the wedding market, other venue owners should be watching closely and taking a cue that there is a benefit to be had in following a similar path.

According to Marriott International, Inc., offering the services of an onsite wedding planner at all of their venues has “greatly expanded the wedding market for the company”.

Having a Certified On-Site Wedding Coordinator on staff demonstrates your commitment to providing exceptional service to the bridal couple.  It communicates that you understand their wedding is the most important day in their lives, and that you go the extra mile to ensure that their reception comes as close to perfection as possible. It conveys to the couple that you have made the investment into specialized training and certification to ensure that your venue excels at serving their needs with regards to their wedding reception.  It establishes your venue as wedding specialists.

Knowing that a Certified On Site Wedding Coordinator will be involved for their wedding reception when they select your venue provides the couple with the assurance that their wedding reception will be entrusted to the right hands and that they are making the right decision in choosing your facility.

And if you’d like your venue coordinators to be fully trained in how to sell,  upsell, market and plan weddings in your venue then this course will prove to be an in-valuable asset. 

To scale up on your upselling, you need to work it into your customer service experience – which really means working it into your operations.
Yes, you can ask your staff to upsell. And we take care of leading them through the process of how its comfortably done by building the art of the upsell into our training curriculum.

The Institute of Weddings has been in the business of weddings for over two decades.  We have an in-depth understanding of the wedding industry and the bridal market. We’ve been training and certifying wedding professionals since 1999.  In addition to the wedding coordinator training and certification we provide, we can help you optimize every step of your wedding sales process, and build clear strategies to grow your wedding venue sales. 

We  give wedding venues the tools to convert more wedding bookings. Through our experienced consulting combined with effective training, we ensure you are optimising the wedding sales journey at every step.

Leveraging Your Venue’s Certified On-site Wedding Coordinator to Book More Weddings

Wedding Planner Course and Certification Program - Institute of WeddingsThis course will train your staff to:

  • Fully understand the role of the wedding venue coordinator
  • Better understand the bridal market
  • Work effectively with wedding vendors and suppliers
  • Effectively turn site visits and show-arounds into bookings
  • Plan a beautiful and successful wedding at your venue
  • Enhance the customer experience for the bridal client
  • Deliver exceptional service
  • Creative an overall experience for the couple that results in highly satisfied wedding clients, which leads to strong word of mouth referrals and recurring business for your venue.

The bridal client/ engaged couple is quite different from any other prospective client you or your staff may work with.  Working with bridal couples is very different to working with other clients who are booking other types of events. For your venue to really hit it out of the park in the wedding sector, there is a high level of specialized expertise required to conduct great client meetings with the bridal client and to put together client proposals that book weddings for your venue.

At the end of this course your staff will be able to:

  • Understand the psychology of the bridal consumer (which leads to closing more sales)
  • Conduct outstanding client meetings
  • Have a deeper knowledge of the important role your venue plays in the most important day of the clients life
  • Be skilled in the wedding venue sales process
  • Develop winning client proposals

Wedding and Event Planner Certification for Venues

Selling weddings is about leading the bridal couple through a process that enables them to visualise their wedding at your venue. You may deliver fabulous wedding receptions at your venue — but if your staff aren’t full skilled at how to sell them, your venue is losing business to the competition. Not everyone has superior sales skills, not everyone has an intimate understanding of the wedding market and bridal psychology, and not every one understands how to very effectively convert leads into sales for a venue.  The probability of having a staff member who can do all of the above is slim to none without the specialized training that this program offers.

At the end of this course your staff will know exactly how to:

  • Zero in on your venue’s target client
  • Develop, nurture, and follow-up wedding inquiries and leads, and successfully convert them into sales
  • Identify trends and use them to sell weddings
  • Put together wedding fairs, bridal shows and open houses
  • Network and build relationships effectively with other local wedding professionals who have the potential to drive clients and business to your venue

The way weddings are marketed and sold to millennials has changed.  Selling weddings in 2019 is very different than it was 5 – 10 years ago. If your venue doesn’t have a keen understanding of how this is so and what it means, you’re venue is losing sales and bookings to your competition. Understanding how to market to the millennial couple in 2019 is a crucial part of your venue’s success.

At the end of this  course your staff will have the skills to:

  • Implement a social media strategy
  • Manage online reviews and content
  • Design strategies to make your venue standout
  • Develop marketing collateral to drive leads and inquiries
  • Create a powerful and robust marketing plan for your venue

Your Staff With Also Be Trained In:

  • dealing with complaints and dissatisfaction
  • public relations

The Difference Certification Makes

What it Means to the Bridal Client

Your venue may currently have a sales manager, banquet manager, or event coordinator, but millennial couples are savvy, and they expect more. Popular Wedding blogs advise couples that even if their venue has someone in a position they describe as a wedding coordinator, its usually nothing more than a glorified sales position with an impressive name.   Certification through The Institute of Weddings shows couples that your venue has a dedicated specialist on staff who has been trained and certified by an independent third-party professional organization in the wedding industry to handle the special details of their wedding day.

What it Means to You

Training and Certification by The Institute of Weddings will truly help your venue to excel at delivering an experience that upholds the standards of excellence the Institute stands for. It will help establish your venue as the obvious choice for the couple and position you as the clear stand-out among your competition.  Moreover, the training we provide will help your certified on site wedding coordinator attract more business, generate more calls and leads, close more sales, book more weddings, provide a better customer experience, and create higher satisfaction among bridal clients.

Who Is This Course For?

This is the ideal training course if you are a venue with an existing event manager or coordinator who needs proper training, or when you are hiring a new employee for this role.

If you are a smaller owner/operated venue, this course is an excellent source of training to give you the skills you need to book more weddings and execute the flawlessly.

If you are someone seeking to gain employment as a venue coordinator, this course is equally suite to you – it will provide impressive training, qualifications and credentials to any aspiring wedding coordinator looking to stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for a job in your dream venue.

The program will prepare and equip the graduate with all the knowledge, skills and confidence they will need to handle wedding clients, their weddings and increase wedding leads, sales and bookings.

This training will not only prepare the student for how to plan and produce flawless weddings as part of an in house venue team, but also how to market and sell to today’s bridal couples.

If you are a new venue looking to train a team who will bring you success, or an established venue who wants to improve their service and win more clients, then this course is the answer.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to deliver weddings to perfection and book more clients.

Understanding Venue Coordination

  • – The Profile of a Venue Coordinator
  • – Think Like A Planner
  • – The Anatomy of a Venue
  • – The Phases of Event Coordination
  • – The Psychology of a Bride
  • – Venue Styling
  • – Client Meetings
  • – Proposals and Portfolios
  • – The Client Experience

The Planning Process

  • – The Stages of an Event
  • – Working with Wedding Suppliers
  • – The Venue Site Visit
  • – Managing & Coordinating the Wedding

Marketing Your Venue

  • – Selling Weddings and Events
  • – Social Media for Wedding Venues
  • – A Marketing Strategy for Wedding Venues
  • – Venue Websites and Online Reviews
  • – Advertising and Marketing Collateral

Venue Promotion and PR

  • – Trendsetting and Trendspotting
  • – Venue Sales and the Guest Experience
  • – Venue Showcases and Networking
  • – Styled Shoots and Vendor Collaboration

When can I Start the Course?

All our courses are online which gives you the flexibility to learn anywhere and at times that suit you. So you really can fit your course around your lifestyle. This is perfect for venue’s who are looking to train existing staff outside of work hours.

How long will the course take me?

That really depends on how much time you can devote to your studies per week. There are no set deadlines for the individual assignments. Some students have completed this course in 6 months or less but you are allocated up to 2 years for completion.

Will this qualification help us book more wedding couples at our venue?

Ensuring your wedding coordination staff have received the proper training will help you to ensure you’re offering the best service possible for your clients. As we know word of mouth recommendation and online reviews are very powerful marketing tools in this business, so you want your clients raving about your venue and the service they received. This course is accredited by NCFE and recognised within the industry. Upon graduation you will receive an official certificate and online badges recognising the qualified individual which can give you the competitive edge when selling to bridal clients.

Is there any help I can get with course fees?

Yes! We know that paying for your course when you have other financial commitments can be a strain so we have designed a variety of payment plans to allow you to spread the cost over 4 10 monthly instalments. However, if you are able to pay in full you will make the most saving on your course fees.

Wedding Planner Course and Certification Program - Institute of Weddings

Cash in on a powerful competitive advantage this training & certification will give your venue for the 2019 wedding season.

Wedding Venue Coordination Course

The next session of this course begins April 1. Enrollment is limited. 

Register a member of your staff* for this course now, while space remains available.

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