Wedding Floral Design Course Registration: Units 2 – 12

This page is for students who have already sampled Unit 1 of the Wedding Floral Design course, and would like to enroll in the complete program to receive the remaining lessons (Units 2 through 12). With enrollment, and successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to earn your Wedding Floral Designer certificate.

How to Proceed on to Unit Two
and the Rest of the Course

Excited to keep going with the course so you can complete the remaining eleven units and earn your Wedding Floral Designer certificate? It’s time to enroll in the full program!

You have two options for registering for the course:  You can pay the course fee in one full payment, or you can make monthly installment payments. When you pay the course fee in full you will receive all 11 remaining units at one time, and you’ll be able to move through the course as quickly as you like. Paying the course fee in full also saves you money.

If you are unable to pay for the course fee at one time, you have the option of enrolling on the monthly installment program. On the installment program you will make monthly payments for your course units, and you will receive one unit per month for the next eleven months.

If you have any questions, simply use our contact form to request assistance, and a friendly Institute of Weddings representative will be pleased to help you.

The course fee includes absolutely everything – all your future lesson materials for the remaining eleven units, your course instructor, all assignments and grading, as well as your certification upon successful completion of the program.