Wedding Floral Design Course: Terms of Purchase

Wedding Floral Design Course: TERMS OF PURCHASE

The training materials you are ordering consist of highly proprietary information specific to the wedding floral industry and are protected by International Copyright Law.

This material consists of proprietary information / intellectual property regarding the trade secrets, concepts, methods, processes, techniques, practices, procedures, formulas and other details of the specialized field of wedding floral design. In order to ensure the protection of its copyright; and due to the considerable administrative costs we incur associated with administration, credit card processing fees, credit card fraud screening, order fulfillment, shipping and handling and/or other costs related to processing and maintaining student registrations; cancellations of course purchases or returns/refunds of course materials are not allowed under any circumstances once the purchase transaction has been processed. Students on monthly installment programs are required, and agree to make, all monthly payments. No refunds will be provided under any circumstances once the transaction has been processed.

Delivery of your shipment is guaranteed. In the unlikely event that a shipment is damaged in transit, the wrong product was shipped in error, or a shipment is determined by the shipping carrier or ourselves to be lost in transit, a replacement shipment will promptly be sent to you. The customer is responsible for notifying us in the event of non-delivery of the shipment. Normal shipment delivery time is 2 – 4 weeks from date of order; please allow that amount of time for your shipment to arrive. If a shipment is lost in transit, you will receive a prompt replacement as soon as we receive confirmation from the shipping carrier that sufficient transit time, as prescribed by the shipping carrier, has been allowed for the shipment delivery, allowing for any delays deemed normal by the shipping carrier which may occur in transit, and the shipment is classified by the shipping carrier as lost or un-deliverable. Any shipment damaged in transit will promptly be replaced at no additional cost to the customer. In the unlikely event that an error occurs and you are shipped the wrong course materials, the matter will be promptly corrected with a replacement at no cost to the customer. The customer is responsible for accepting delivery of shipment; failure to accept delivery does not constitute grounds for a refund. Customer is responsible for any additional costs incurred by the seller as a result of unclaimed shipments. Customer is responsible for ensuring that the shipping address they provide on their order is correct.

Returns, refunds, and cancellations of course purchases are not permitted under any circumstances; all course purchases are final. The Institute of Weddings is not responsible for any unauthorized returns made by customer and shipments containing unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

Please do not proceed with placing your order if you do not agree to these Terms of Purchase. By proceeding with this purchase, you acknowledge that you accept, agree to, and comply with these legally binding Terms of Purchase.