Wedding Planner Certification Program


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Wedding Planner Certification Program

The International Institute of Weddings™ Wedding Planner Certification Program offers intensive, in-depth, and very practical training for professional wedding planners. This extremely thorough and fully comprehensive program covers everything a professional wedding planner needs to know including bridal psychology, the dynamics and inner workings of the wedding industry, business training, consulting with clients, vendor relations, coordinating the wedding, building the vendor data base, and so much more. You will learn valuable trade secrets and insider’s information including pricing formulas and fee setting, marketing strategies and promotional methods, professional wedding planning and coordinating, and everything else a professional wedding planner needs to know.

Upon successful completion, students will be certified by The International Institute of Weddings as a Certified Wedding Planner. Get Trained and Certified by the prestigious International Institute of Weddings and earn this impressive credential.

Course fee includes all of the IIW’s exclusive and extensive training materials, course instructor, exams, and certification (assuming, of course,  the student qualifies for certification based on satisfactory performance on course work). The are no hidden charges, extra fees, or additional costs.

Extensive details about the course, including the full course description, the detailed curriculum and course outline, and student testimonials can be found at the Wedding Planner Course page.